Can a mobile phone be installed with a tracker?

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Directly download the map software and turn on the GPS positioning. First, you should have a smartphone that supports Bluetooth connectivity and expandable memory cards. Second, you need to install a GPS navigation software and maps on your mobile phone.

Under normal circumstances, mobile phones cannot be equipped with trackers, and others will not let you install trackers. It is impossible for mobile phones to meet such requirements. If you want to control a person to use a mobile phone, it is useless.

The method of enabling the positioning of mobile phones is as follows: Open "" and "Settings", as shown in the figure: Click "Advanced Settings Location Services", turn on the "Access my location information" switch, and enable location services.

First of all, you need to install Baidu Cloud's mobile phone retrieval APP on the tracked mobile phone. Here you can go to Baidu's official website to download the Baidu Cloud APP, and then find the Baidu retrieval function. Then you can monitor the controlled side on the computer side.

To install a GPS positioning and tracing software, your mobile phone needs to be installed, and your family's mobile phones must also be installed. You let your family members carry a GPS locator, and then you install a query APP to check their location at any time, which is most suitable for the elderly and children.

This is how the tracker is installed.

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