How to distinguish the quality of corrugated paper cups

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The corrugated cup is a disposable paper container used in daily drinking. It is cup-shaped and the outer layer is a corrugated paper cup wall arranged neatly. It has a very strong heat insulation effect and is a further improvement on the basis of disposable paper cups. new paper cups. So, do you know how to distinguish the quality of corrugated cups?

1. Corrugated cup inner and outer cup body paper collocation

Some enterprises have such a misunderstanding: the heavier the grammage of the inner paper, the better the heat insulation effect and compressive strength of the corrugated cup, but it is not the case. In order to enhance the thermal insulation effect and compressive strength of corrugated cups, the thermal insulation of the outer cup body should be enhanced. As long as the surface paper does not show corrugated traces after laminating, you can use lower weight paper as much as possible; Use straw pulp or wood pulp paper with good stiffness and high ring compressive strength. Do not use medium-strength or general-strength corrugated paper, because it is mostly a mixture of raw pulp and recycled pulp, which has fast water absorption, low ring compressive strength, and good toughness but low stiffness.

2. The stability of paper cups and corrugated paper

The main reason for the high production loss rate of corrugated cups in the current market is that corrugated cups are easy to fall off during the bonding process. The reason is that there is a difference in the paper thickness of the inner and outer cups of the corrugated cup, and there is also a large difference in the paper material. The usual solution is to increase the amount of glue applied. Whether it is manual or automatic mechanical lamination, the amount of glue applied should not be too large. In actual production, some employees artificially increase the amount of glue applied in order to avoid degumming. This is not advisable and must be strictly controlled. The amount of glue applied should be 80~110g/m2.

3. The quality of the selected coated paper

The quality of the corrugated cup is determined by the quality of the coated paper, the type of corrugation, the working temperature of the corrugating machine, the quality of the adhesive, the running speed of the machine, and the technical level of the operator.

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